Baki Exhibition: 30th Anniversary of the Serialization: The Strongest Baki on Earth Exhibition in Tokyo Dome City! Impressions


What is the “30th Anniversary of the Serialization: The Strongest Baki on Earth” Exhibition in Tokyo Dome City?

The Strongest Baki on Earth exhibition is a long-awaited exhibition for fans to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the serialization of the Baki series, which began with Grappler Baki.

The following is the official website of the exhibition.

 Official website: 30th Anniversary of the series: The Strongest Baki on Earth Exhibition in Tokyo Dome City

from the official website of the exhibition

Do you want to see the strongest man on earth!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the serialization of the “Baki” series, a classic and gold standard of fighting manga, the biggest exhibition ever will be held!
The stage is the long-awaited Tokyo Dome City!

The exhibition will be held in Tokyo Dome City, a long-awaited venue for fans! What is “the strongest on earth”? >This is truly the strongest exhibition on earth!

No one will be allowed to dodge Keisuke Itagaki’s soul-crushing brush strokes, the holy water of battle!
In addition, life-size figures, the “House of Baki” diorama, and many other exhibits that will allow you to fully enjoy the world of “Baki” will be on display!

In addition, the crowdfunded, life-size “underground arena” will be reproduced in the venue as the centerpiece exhibit!

Entrance of all fighters!

The explanation is as follows.

From the description on the official website, the number of “! is different from the description on the official website. The world of Baki is in full swing!

I browsed the official site and thought “I want to see…I want to see the exhibition of Baki”, so I went to see Baki right away!


People! People! People! The exhibition was a great success!

The exhibition will be open until April 17, 2022. I went on a Saturday, April 9, and it was very popular.

I went there with the naive understanding that I would be able to get in if I stood in line for a while, but there was a long line of people waiting to get in. I was told it would be an hour wait to get in, but I didn’t mind at all!

Surprisingly, I thought that the only fans of Baki were old men, but there were many college-aged men and women in the line.

It has been quite a while since Grappler Baki was serialized, but perhaps the anime had some influence.

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There was also a collaboration menu based on the original. So much love!

Now it’s time to enter the exhibition hall (fairyland)…

After waiting for an hour, I finally got to go inside the exhibition hall, and I was in a state of mind.

Enough already! Please let my father see the inside of the exhibition hall!

But strangely enough, the moment we entered the exhibition hall, I was like…

All the players are entering!

I was so proud that my brain echoed with the speech, “All the players are entering!

It was only natural that the tension would be high. The entire exhibition hall was dark, and the pitch-black walls were composed of original drawings of the Baki series, and this subterranean feel gave the exhibition hall a sense of an underground arena.

The characters drawn by Itagaki-sensei are very powerful even in book size, but I felt the power was even greater when I saw them in the original drawings. I felt endorphins coming out of my brain…

The scene in which Baki decides to perform a rigid body technique on Shinogiben’s Suigetsu.

I liked the way the dialogue was glued on, the panels were numbered, and it looked like the original artwork.

There were also color original drawings and explanatory materials for the main characters, which were not half as powerful as the original.

It’s the pose you want to do when you lose to your opponent and

the line you want to say when you beat your opponent!

A life-size figure of Jack Hammer was also on display!

I had an image of Jack being tall, but when I looked at it like this, I realized that he was huge in general. It was as big as a bear and scary.

I can’t say “Davaii!


It was a chaotic space with a Pac-Man Oliva object and a headquarters guarding the front of the restroom. Great attention to detail….

There was also an object that reproduced Kaoru Hanayama’s office. People were constantly taking commemorative photos, which showed the high popularity of Mr. Hanayama.

There was also a figure of Yujiro, which, like Jack Hammer, was also ridiculously large. I would never want to get tangled up with such a person on the street.

In the center of the exhibition hall, an underground arena was built, recreated through crowdfunding. There, of course, is Champion Baki.

As the second half of the exhibition hall was in full swing, the champion Baki made his appearance.

The young champion has returned!
Where have you been, champion?
We have been waiting for you!

I felt like “I’ve been waiting for you, Champion! The pose is cool.

On the other side of the arena, Tokugawa’s grandpa is watching over him.

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There was also a section on Musashi Miyamoto and a section on Shukune (Sumo?), which is currently being serialized. There was also a corner for the “Sumo” section.

The power of Mr. Itagaki’s original drawings is amazing.

I feel even more powerful when I see them in such a large exhibition space.

These quirky and funny exhibits scattered throughout the exhibition tickled the hearts of the fans.

The choice of scenes is outstanding. I felt like I was in the scene that I knew existed.

There was also a display area of fan art collaborating with other fans.

It was good to see a piece of artwork with Jack’s biting mouth scheduled for a weekly event, confirming that the blades fans are still somewhat blown away. Amazing… no seriously amazing…

The Baki exhibition was great!

So, I had a great time at the exhibition.

 I enjoyed it….it’s great….the original artwork….

I guess that’s how I feel.

Still, this level of satisfaction with an admission fee of 1,400 yen (advance ticket) is amazing. Thank you, Mr. Itagaki and the organizers for the wonderful works and exhibition.

These are my impressions of the exhibition.

Source: Keisuke Itagaki, “Grappler Baki Series”


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